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  What is AVIONEWS?

AVIONEWS press agency, as the first one in the world being exclusively dedicated to the delivery of real time on-line news concerning the aeronautics, helicopter, aerospace and defence sectors available in Italian and English idions, was designed by a staff of journalists with more than 10 years experience in the related editorial environment focusing on general aviation. AVIONEWS has been working in the general aviation and defence specialized press sectors for five years and it proved capable to deal with the various related issues, during its long period experience, aiming to provide real time information about what happened on such matters with objectivity, technical accuracy and an exhaustive description.

Which are the customers of AVIONEWS?

AVIONEWS attracted in these years the attention and gained appreciations by aerospace companies, institutions, airport operators and even the non-specialized press itself, as they proved able to realize about the innovative aspects and the seriousness of analysis, also by the resort to both national and international on-site reports, interviews and special investigation reports, also considering that the agency's news have often been quoted in Italian Parliament during question times on the related matters, such as for example the air transport.

Why choose AVIONEWS?

Those who decide to rely upon AVIONEWS' services, do it by considering the specific nature of the analysed issues with self-evident advantages in terms of cost/effectiveness. Resorting to any non-specialized press agency (such as ANSA, AGI, ADN Kronos, Bloomberg, Radiocor, Italpress, Reuters, France Press and ASCA) in order to take delivery of the same information means to be forced to afford extremely larger cost, filter the news on such issues separating them from the ones regarding all the remaining sectors with self-evident loss of time and practical use and, moreover, renouncing to a decidedly competent as well as clear and reliable technical description. And all occurs without commenting what described in the news, but letting the sector's protagonists themselves put forward their views on what happens in the aviation and defence environment, as AVIONEWS is free from any political or industrial preconception. AVIONEWS is susceptible by nature of evolving further as it is based on an operational and conceptual open architecture enabling it to adapt itself by fully meeting the new exigencies of its readers. The new web site and the RSS services show it.

    AVIONEWS thanks:

  • the companies which prove available in Italy and abroad;

  • the Authorities and civil/military institutions;

  • those who contributed, comprising the technical staff, to the production and improvement of SAS V.3.1, the software platform for "multimedia press agencies", adopted today by several satisfied European firms;

  • those who collaborate as led by the common passion for the aerospace and defence sectors, by pointing out, writing, photographing, contributing everywhere AVIONEWS reached in the world.

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