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Italian Navy: "Mare Aperto", the air sea exercise began

Rome, Italy - It will continue until May 23


(WAPA) - "The 'Mare Aperto', the air-sea exercise, has begun. At the training event, planned and led by Italian Navy, also assets of Army and Air Force participate and naval forces of Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey, for a total of about 6300 military men.

The drill, that takes place in the Tyrrhenian Sea and will continue until next May 23, has been planned to verify the operating and tactical procedures in the main maritime scenario among them: maritime surveillance, control of the communication ways, the air defense of naval forces.

The exercise, projected and controlled by Vice-Admiral Giuseppe Lertora, Capt. of the naval squadron, is directed in the sea by Rear-admiral Rinaldo Veri as Capt. of the Joint Task Force (CJTF) and Cap. of Task Force Anfibia (CATF).

The Italian Navy is present with a naval unit composed of the 'Garibaldi' aircraft carrier; the 'Maestrale', 'Grecale', 'Aliseo', 'Zeffiro' and 'Artigliere' frigates, the 'San Giorgio' and 'San Marco' amphibian ships, the 'Stromboli' supplier, the 'Danaide' corvette, the 'Numana' and 'Sapri' minesweepers and 'Gazzana and 'Prini' submarines.

The air unit is composed of six AV-8B plus aircraft, five medium helicopters (four EH-101 and one SH-3D) and five light helicopters (AB-212). The amphibian component is based on manoeuvre elements of the force for a total of over 580 military men of 'San Marco' Regiment of the Italian Navy and 'Serenissima' of the Italian Army. Also a detachment of special forces of the underwater unit of the Italian Navy takes part.

The Italian Army participates with an unit on the Sardinian territory.

The Italian Air Force provides the sorties of PA-200 Tornado, F-16, EFA 200 and AMX aircraft.
The foreign naval units' presence: the Turkish frigate ('Gemlik'), the German 'Braunschweig', 'Kohln' and 'Donau' ships, the Canadian units 'Iroquois', 'Calgary' and 'Protecteur', the French ones 'Jean d’Arc', 'Gorge Leygues' and 'CDT Bouan'. The interactions with the permanent maritime force of NATO are foreseen, composed of the naval units belonging to Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, USA and Turkey.

The activity underlines the high interoperability reached by Navies in different multinational environments". (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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