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Japan commissioned its biggest helicopter carrier

Yokohama, Japan - The ship, that resembles an aircraft carrier, respects the Country's pacifist constitution


(WAPA) - Japanese Marine Self-Defense Forces (MSDF) commissioned today in Yokohama their biggest helicopter carrier, named "Hyuga". 197 meter long, it carries a crew of 340 people (with 17 women) and can carry up to 11 helicopters. With its 18,000 tons full-load displacement it's one of the largest ships of the entire Japanese Navy. It will be anchored in Yokosuka harbour, and used for disaster relief missions.

The Ministry of Defense underlined that, even if it resembles a light aircraft carrier, the "Hyuga" is an helicopter carrier and respects the pacifist constitution imposed to Japan by the United States after World War II. The Country renounced to use force in international disputes, but anyway it has one of the best organized armies in the world. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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