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Military Aviation

The new Chinese stealth fighter will be ready within 10 years

Beijing, China - The words by the vice-commander of the air force

(WAPA) - China may complete the realization and enter its fifth generation fighter stealth into service within the next 8-10 years. The announcement was made by Ho Weirong, the vice-commander of the Chinese air-force, during a tv interview released on national channel "Cctv".

When we talk about fifth generation fighter, generally we refer to F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II American aircraft, possessing characteristics such as their capacity for stealth, supersonic speed, super-manoeuvrability, and quick take-off. At present, the F-22 is the only operating aircraft with these characteristics, while the F-35 and the Russian T-50 are in a phase of development. The Chinese product would be fourth.

Chinese sources explain that Beijing does not intend to copy the F-22, given the technological gap which separates China from the United States. But this information revolution and the new combat situations could permit the Asian country to contrast its superiority against that of the air forces with stars and stripes. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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