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Military Aviation

Renewal airplanes' fleet for Brazil: the decision not before half of May

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - France, USA and Sweden in the running for a billionaire contract that will regard the purchase of 36 multi-role fighters


(WAPA) - The decision, postponed from April to May, that the Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio da Silva will have to take regarding the supplying for 36 multi-role fighter airplanes destined to renew the Brazilian Air Force's fleet.

The Brazilian Defense Minister, Nelson Jobim, affirmed it during an interview to "Folha" paper in San Paolo and has declared "The President to convene the Defense Council in the first 15 days in May, and then the Council will communicate its position concerning it, following to which Lula will take his decision".

In the running there is a billionaire contract competed among France that proposes Rafale by Dassault (as favorite by international press after the recent travel by French President Sarkozy in Brazil, where the terms of eventual marketing agreements would have been discussed, also in the military supplies' field and for defense), the F/A-18 Super Hornet by American Boeing, and finally the Gripen by Swedish SAAB.

To confirm pro-Rafale (despite the step off by Defense Minister) the different declarations by Brazilian President regarding his preference for Dassault's fighter, whose acquisition would be more advantageous for the Country for economical terms, in virtue of transfer without restrictions of technologies promised by Sarkozy during that visit above mentioned. The Gripen would have received the support by potent metallurgic's union in San Paolo, who affirms that a contract with Sweden would bring in Brazil the creation of least 28,000 jobs. And Lula could not be deaf to such authoritative opinion, because he was leader of the union at the end of '70s, when the Country was fully in a military tyranny. The last one would remain the Super Hornet, but perhaps the giant Boeing has an ace at the last minute, that winning one.

But the decision could be postponed again, because the report by Defense Council, that will be submitted to the Presidential decision and on technical and specific basis, would be also in elaboration phase, according to the Jobim's words. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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