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Spadaccini's case (3). Italian GdF: "The societies involved all linked to the air transport world"

Pescara, Italy - And those foreign occupied for employment of pilots and technicians, aeronautical guidance, airplanes purchase, assuring broking


(WAPA) - "The Italian Financial Police in Pescara (Fiamme Gialle) has carried out 13 arrests for an international tax evasion from EUR 90 million discovered between Italy and Portugal.

The officers have in fact arrested the famous Pescara's entrepreneur, Giuseppe Spadaccini, who had promoted and organized, through Italian collaborators, a thick network of Italian and Portuguese societies that, between 1999 and 2008, have issued and used invoices for not existing operations for EUR 30 m.

A dizzy circuit of money in order to remove revenues of the Italian firms at taxes, too creating hidden funds abroad.

Eight Italian citizens have been submitted to the house arrests, while, besides the entrepreneur of Abruzzo, three Portuguese ones and a Canadian are receivers of the jail.

Fundamental the collaboration between Italian officers and the Portuguese legal Police that, through the coordination between Pescara's power of attorney and the European structure of Eurojust, have started the procedures for the execution of the European arrest towards Portuguese citizens ongoing of execution in Madeira.

Besides the personal actions, the operation by the Division of the Legal Police of the Financial Police in Pescara has concerned also the seizure of a series of goods, inscribed to the foreign societies (in unreal manner) or rather to third party and, instead, referable to the Group's property led by Engineer Spadaccini.

Besides some flats in Pescara and Rome, well 32 properties situated inside a residence in Porto Rotondo. The overall worth of the goods under seizure, and added to the participation shares of the entrepreneur from Abruzzo into the foreign societies as well as a series of checking accounts and a boat, is about EUR 12 m.

An operation, that conducted by the Italian Financial Police in Pescara, of extreme importance that has allowed to discover trans-national offences made by the arrested people between Italy and abroad, mainly the area in Madeira, where there is a concessional tax regime.

The phenomenon exposed by the officers and that of the so called 'Estero vestizione', that consists in the artificial location of the fiscal stay in territories different from Italy -where, on the contrary, the subject lives actually- in order to avoid the tax duties of the belonging Country and to benefit of the more positive imperative regime compared to the dummy elected.

The firms involved into the investigation are all connected to the air transport world: in fact besides the real Group's strongbox, have been object of the inquiry societies destined to the aeronautical maintenance, industry that organizes specialization courses for the issuing of aeronautical licences (pilots and maintenance technicians), airline of navigation and charter flights, all Italian.

The foreign companies occupied of the employment of pilot and technician staff in temporary way, as well as performance of services and of aeronautical advisory, of property management, of airplanes sale, of insurance intermediation"-

See for details also the video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie4mSjCBonw. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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