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The facts. Terrorism threat and bomb-parcels on cargo airplanes: latest news

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Obama's statements and the exited times made of news, confirmations and denials. The matrix?


(WAPA) - Useless alarmism or terrorism-nightmare which was back to take shape? On Friday afternoon confusing news from the world, made of confirms and denials, reported about the discovery of two parcels in Dubai and at the British airport of East Midlands-Nottingham. News were re-dimensioned, then confirmed in series of growing uncertainties. In the end, the first results of the investigations in Dubai seem to confirm the discovery of explosive tracks in a parcel which had to be sent by air.

A little bit later, John Brennan, the person in charge of the anti-terrorism unit of the White House, confirmed the presence of explosive in the package sent in England, too.

It has been explained that everything happens due to to the cooperation between the intelligence of the US and the one of another "An allied Country": a "Tip-off" arrived in the morning, following which all the anti-terrorism units were made operating. It was discovered that on two cargo-aircraft, operated by international couriers, two suspect bombs were hidden in the packages to be consigned. The two airplanes were respectively going to the "Newark International Airport" of New York, and to the air-station of Philadelphia, flying with UPS and FedEx. The packages containing the explosive, it will be ascertained, were sent by the same sender from Yemen to 2 different synagogues in Chicago.

While all the international community is alerted, the anguish phantom of the 11 September comes back. A spokesperson of the White House, Robert Gibb, clarifies that none of the 2 Jewish sites is the synagogue close to Obama’s house in the city.

But before the US President intervenes on the issue, are just the American authorities to say and later to deny, remaining careful, the Obama's statements addressed to the Nation. He said that “It’s a real and serious threat” with the consequence that the level of alert in the entire Country will be increased. In the UK, anonymous sources unveiled that if they were terrorism attacks, were operated from al-Qaeda’s cells based in the Arabic peninsula working under the command of the Imam, with American passport, Anwar al-Awlaki, already suspected to be the organizer of the attack on the Amsterdam-Detroit flight, where on December 25, 2009, passengers helped arresting a terrorist who was on board: a Nigerian man, whose name is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, just come out from a "Training" on terrorism in Yemen, whom was blocked by the explosive hidden in his underwear.

Is the hypothesis of a "Longa manus" armed by the hate for Jewish and Israel of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad to be cast aside?

Anyway, due to the great confusion of those moments, AVIONEWS preferred not to support the chaos releasing unconfirmed news, waiting for more information and publishing today the article because of the closure of our offices due to All Saints' Day. In the UK, "Authoritative" sources from the press that we prefer not to mention, said that the "Bomb alert" was a "Potential incident", spreading the news that it was a parcel containing an altered ink cartridge connected to some wires and electric circuits simulating an explosive device, apparently sent with the specific intention to test security systems. Only in the evening it was established it was a real bomb.

The Yemeni authorities opened an investigation. The United Kingdom has suspended all the flights from and to Yemen. TSA (Transportation Security Administration, the American Department for transportation safety) as a caution measure re-routes each suspicious cargo-plane to isolated airport areas airport for all the inspections and verifications required, while two USAF F-15 fighter interceptors on scramble alert (immediate take-off when there's a threat for the national airspace) identify and come with landing a passenger-aircraft belonging to Emirates airline, also considered suspect. Finally, while the White House thanks Dubai authorities for having foiled the threat and for the "Assistance in the exchange of information that have helped to emphasize the imminence of the threat", the US airfreight companies FedEx and UPS announced the suspension of the deliveries from Yemen.

The chronicle of these long hours, comes just behind the new and tighter security strategy that the United States put in place from Monday November 1st, increasing security checks at the USA airports, which includes the installation of more body scanners and the "Secure Flight" program (see AVIONEWS). (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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