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Military Aviation

Italian Air Force: a year of missions for the AMX airplanes in Afghanistan

Rome, Italy - The aircraft have passed 1800 flight hours and carried out about 700 operating missions


(WAPA) - The AMX fighter airplanes of the Italian Air Force (AMI) deployed in Herat have recently celebrated a year from their first mission in operating theatre. Four AMXs of the Task Group "Black Cats", arrived in Afghanistan on November 2009, have over-passed 1800 flight hours and carried out around 700 operating missions.

The "Black Cats" Task Group is within the Joint Air Task Force (JATF) and carried out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks of the Afghan territory, in favour of the populations, of the Italian troops at ground and of the ISAF allied forces. The airplane, for its particular feature, allows to make distances in a few time, suffering in a minimal part of the uneven orography of the Afghan territory and to enjoy, above the terrestrial surface, of an advantaged perspective of the operations area.

In particular, AMX can perform reconnaissance on terrestrial targets from medium and high altitude, daily and by night, thanks to a video-photographic reconnaissance system with digital electro-optical and infrared sensors, installed under the airplane's fuselage (Pod Reccelite system).

The aircraft has the capability to send images in real time to the troops at ground, allowing the men to move with major safety avoiding eventual threats. The knowledge in real time of the operation environment, possible thanks to the use of images coming from piloted and unmanned air means, becomes the fundamental importance for the missions' success and the safety of population and military staff employed.

The use of the airplane is integrated into the overall equipment of the interforce contingent. The overall system (entire capacities of the forces at ground, of intelligence, of surveillance and air support and the relationships with the local population) is important.

Th Major Nadir Ruzzon, Capt. of the "Black Cats", has underlined that "The advanced technology that has the airplane, has permitted in different occasions to resolve, in a positive manner, dangerous situations. As happened in the night of last October 13 when the AMX have intervened to support an Italian convey hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), ensuring safety to the troops on the territory". The aircraft, with the current assets, operate not only in the Italian responsibility area, but also in favour of all coalition troops. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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