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Military Aviation

Russia announces development of new AWACS plane

Moscow, Russia - Within 2016


(WAPA) - Russian Air Force chief Colonel General Alexander Zelin announced today August 9 that the Country hopes to develop by 2016 a new aircraft AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System).

The general told the press that the defense is waiting for the A-100 aircraft, made on the basis of the Il-476 transport aircraft with the PS90 engine and an extended flight range; also within 2013-2014 Russia will receive a carrier for the Il-476.

Currently, the Euro-Asian power uses a fleet of about 20 A-50 AWACS aircraft, modeled on Il-76 transport airplanes; the A-50 is equipped with wide-ranging Liana surveillance radar with its antenna placed above the fuselage, it can control up to 10 fighters for air-to-air intercept or air-to-ground attack missions. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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