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Piracy: "Grecale" of the Italian Navy dismantled an attack to the "Valdarno" ship by sending its helicopter

Rome, Italy - Pirates caught; the mercantile proceeded with its trip


(WAPA) - The Italian Navy frigate "Grecale", configured in the NATO SNMG2 device for the anti-piracy operation "Ocean Shield", intervened to protect the Italian ship "Valdarno" which suffered an attempted boarding off the coast of Oman last January 16, in the Indian Ocean, about 250 miles from Salalah.

The pirates approached with a small boat, which had sailed off from another "Dhow" that acted as mother ship, and later on fired some gun shots against them. The crew took refuge in the citadel and took the necessary measures for self protection thus avoiding to be captured.

The "Grecale" sent immediately its helicopter and when it reached the site, it managed to board the "Dhow" on which 10 Somalis and 11 Yemenis were found.

A planned process of investigations and inspections in coordination with the competent judicial authority is being undertaken.

The freighter "Valdarno" is continuing to navigate safely to the port of Bashayer (Sudan). (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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