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Cassidian continues tests for its Barracuda drone-aircraft (VIDEO)

Berlin, Germany - "Company's interest is directed on UAVs"


(WAPA) - Cassidian, the German industry of EADS group, confirmed to press today that a new test series for its remote control unmanned aircraft (UAV) "Barracuda" will starts soon.

Tests will be operated in Canada, Goose Bay, same way of last Cassidian's experiments and they will mainly concern sense-and-avoid equipments.

This payload will eventually be expanded to include radar and optical sensors, as traditional standard UAV are used too, but currently the company didn't released declarations about it.

"We are continuing to work on maturing technologies and on more demonstrations" is what Joost van Tooren said, chief of the industry.

Anyway, some rumors about a new project are already available and Cassidian itself revealed the research program is developing new generation technologies for remote control aircraft.

The soon-to-be-born of Cassidian will take the name "Sagitta", and it will be realized involving German academic institutions and PhD students in the project, a project which will probably born within 2014.
The research will mainly point to new materials and embedded sensors, miniaturisation and morphing designs.

Cassidian also added UAVs have been identified as one of its major product focus areas.

Below, a video showing flight tests of jet-drone Barracuda.


(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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