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France: solidarity tax on air tickets gathered more than 1 billion Euro in six years

Paris, France - It was imposed in 2006 to support health funding for underdeveloped countries


(WAPA) - Frances' DGAC (Directorate General for Civil Aviation) communicated that the solidarity tax which was imposed in 2006 for every air tickets for aircraft departing fro France in six years to 2012 gathered more then 1 billion Euro: it is a contribution aimed to provide support to funding the health systems of underdeveloped countries.

The tax "Represents an important symbol of global solidarity", DGAC states. Specifically it goes from 1 to 4 Euro for every ticket in Economy Class for domestic and international flights, and from 10 to 40 Euro for higher-class tickets. The amount which was gathered year by year is a significant indicator of passenger flow (amounts in millions of Euros):

2006: 45.01
2007: 164.27
2008: 172.89
2009: 161.99
2010: 163.47
2011: 175
2012: 185.3

The total is 1067.93 million Euro.

From 2006, in addition to France, another seven countries decided to impose the tax. Unitaid, the beneficiary of the proceeds, reinvests the money in favour of the battle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Every Euro means:

- a HIV test kit for pregnant women;
- a week-long therapy against the HIV for a child;
- a week-long first treatment against tuberculosis.

Also IFFIm (Facilité internationale de financement pour la vaccination), benefits of part of the proceeds, with which it purchases new vaccines it distributes in underdeveloped countries. (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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