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Airplane in taking off hit by a laser

Heathrow, UK - One of the pilots had a sudden illness

Also the UK pilots' union acted after the nth incident at the London-Heathrow airport, where an airplane has been hit by a laser during its taking-off that has interested one of the pilots. "It is not an isolated accident. The airplanes are hit with more powerful laser with an alarming frequency", the union's general secretary, Jim McAuslan, said, according to the UK press reported. The fact happened yesterday against a Virgin Atlantic's aircraft with New York as destination, flight VS025. An airline's spokeswoman ensured that the passengers' and crew safety has been its main priority, and the carrier is collaborating with the authorities to identify the author of this gesture. Over 8998 the accidents of this kind in all UK between 2009 and 2015, while 48 events at Heathrow that is resulted the most hit airport in the first six months of last year. Also in Italy the problem is common and more diffused.

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