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Hokkaido airport: JAL airplane evacuated due to the smoke in cabin-passengers side

Hokkaido, Japan - Coming from the right engine

The pilot of a JAL (Japan Airlines) airplane of the B-737/846 type with 165 people on board has been forced to interrupt its taking-off phase at the Hokkaido-New Chitose airport due to a thick smoke, that coming from the right engine has invaded the cabin of the passenger side. The airplane was bound for Fukuoka. The fact happened today, at the 3:00pm (local hour). The passengers and crew have been evacuated through escape slides for safety reasons, according to the local press; in this phase, also if the airline declared all uninjured, it seems that a woman is wounded in a light manner. The almost impossible conditions were present in those hours on the airport. A snow storm with strong winds -the national weather office said- that made difficult the normal activities of the airport, and the airplane in question seems to have waited more half an hour before to the favourable conditions to take-off. The JAL experts are at work to ascertain the causes of the occurrence.

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