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Piaggio Aerospace. A window opens. Suspended strike, "Alleviated" redundancy fund

Villanova d'Albenga, Italy - The results expected after the conversation Renzi-Mubadala-shareholders, and of the meeting at Economic Development Ministry

New positive news coming from Piaggio Aerospace. It seems that all has broken through, when only yesterday morning, Paolo Putti, leader of the M5S (party) in Genoa town council announced with emphasis on the recent redundancy payment (currently in which he spoke for 30 days) of further 200 employees of Piaggio Aerospace after the 145 already existing, and on the reduction of additional 35 workers of the "Service Center" (aircraft maintenance and in small part of delivery). See for details AVIONEWS. Last Friday the Regional economic development Council member, Edoardo Rixi after the meeting with a worker delegation had asked to the industry to withdraw the letters of the redundancy payment. But it appeared that the call was fallen on deaf earns, and it was clear the willing by the new company's ownership, the Emirate Mubadala, to continue in spite of everything. The fear is strong, but the premises there were all, of a company unpacking. Yesterday according to the union sources, a hundred of letters would have been delivered addressed mainly to the Service workers. But being in this case the redundancy fund applied for the great part in rotation between the plants of Villanova d'Albenga and Sestri Ponente, the unions predicted about 300. The last resort, until some hours ago, seemed to be (and it is still now, Ed) the meeting fixed at MISE (Economic Development ministry) for next March 9, preceded by a conversation between Mubadala and premier Renzi in Abu Dhabi. Latest news is the release of the situation: in fact the with a vengeance strike by the workers starting from today has been suspended and the unemployment insurances of the recent 200 seems to be "Alleviated". This after a meeting occurred at the plant in Villanova yesterday evening between the RSU union and the industry's management. Now it is expected the meeting of March 9 and the result of the meeting at the Ministry. See for details AVIONEWS 1, 2 and 3.

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