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Airplanes and airlines. Air Berlin on strike: flights cancelled mainly in Berlin and Dusseldorf

Berlin, Germany - Pilots are in turmoil, that they say it is "an act of pure desperation"

Air Berlin notifies that it was compelled today to cancel about seventy flights. To suffer were especially the airports of Berlin and Dusseldorf, because of the strike of its pilots. "An act of pure desperation", a pilot bitterly said to German press, "We are sorry for passengers, but it is for our existence", he explained. Apologies to customers also came from a spokesperson of the airline, that was hit by such a real earthquake in mid-August, that it troubled the central government of Berlin which in a few hours decided for a cash injection necessary to its short-term survival, a help that was approved by the European Community just a few days ago. While it is being decided how and to whom sell the company, also at the light of the financial disengagement of the partner Etihad, employees protest to have certainties about their jobs.

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