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MiG-35 airplane: test campaign starting. Mass production in 2019 -2 VIDEO

Moscow, Russia - The official presentation in Moscow

The flight test campaign of the MiG-35 (the Russian advanced combat light fighter multirole airplane) officially began in the last days in the Moscow region. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, attended in videoconference at the ceremony, and according to him the fighter shows already great prospective for the export. "The jet is technologically designed for the modern war, against the intensify of the armed conflicts at high density in the world that need of a suitable air defence, as happens in Syria", Putin said. The aircraft presentation to the press happened in Moscow last Friday morning, and the serial production is predicted that begins in 2019, as confirmed also by the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) President, Boris Slyusar. The fighter should enter into the Russian armed force's equipment between 2018 and 2020. This airplane, NATO code name Fulcrum-F, is 4++ generation jet (almost 5, Putin defined it) manufactured with technological solutions used on MiG 29M/M2 and 29K/Kub, more other advanced. It is manufactured to attack from 10 to 30 targets at the same time and of any kind, without cross covered area by the enemy anti-aircraft. It is able to hit air, land and under water targets and it is powered by two Klimov RD-33MK. It can be armed of all missiles, existing and under development. The President during videoconference reminded that Russia has developed a new armament State program that will be completed in 2025. On the basis of it the Air Force, Army and Navy will receive at least 70% of the most modern aircraft within 2020. And he asked also strenghtening of the forces at ground. Below, in two videos, Putin in videoconference and the MiG-35 in flight:

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