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F/A-18 planes of US Navy get old: 62% of aircraft is not able to fly

Washington, USA - They need maintenance, the Vice Chief of US Naval Operations said last week

Admiral William Moran said that 62% of F/A-18 planes and 53% of all the aircraft of the US Navy need to be repaired and are not ready to fly. Moran -who is Vice Chief of US Naval Operations- explained it at a meeting with the House Armed Services Committee of the US Congress on last Tuesday that for different reasons a big part of aircraft and also of the ships of the United States struggle to respect the scheduled maintenance. The main causes of this situation are the difficulty to carry out the repair activities -also for the slowness in getting the spare parts-, the delays in the delivery of F-35s and more generally the decision to keep costs of defence down in the past years. The multirole F/A-18 Hornet fighter is a twin-engine jet built by McDonnell Douglas, designed in the '70s and introduced in 1983. Even if it is not particularly fast -it flies at Mach 1.8- it is optimized for takeoff from aircraft carriers, has great agility and can carry out both air-to-ground and air-to-air tasks. For these reasons it is still intensively used in US missions. To this day F/A-18s flew almost 9000 hours, much longer than the planned 6000 hours.

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