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F-35 Lightning II planes. Joint excercise in the USA: pilots from RAF practice with French and US partners - VIDEO

Rome, Italy - The "Atlantic Trident 2017" exercise seeks to encourage the sharing of tactics, techniques and procedures

A joint military exercise called "Atlantic Trident 2017" is being held in these days by the Air Forces of Britain, France and United States at the US Air Force "Joint Base Langley-Eustis" facility in Virginia (USA). The maneuvers that began on April 12 and will end on Friday are focused on F-35 Lightning II and their fifth-generation capabilities. The goal is to encourage the pilots and servicepersons of the US Air Force, the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and of the French Air Force -respectively about 225, 175 and 150 units- to share and develop tactics, techniques and procedures in different simulated scenarios of fighting in cooperation, focusing on the more recent technologies that are available on the aircraft. Besides F-35s, F-22s Raptor, RAF's Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighters and French Dassault Rafales are being used in the exercise, while the role of "enemy" is assigned to F-15E Strike Eagle fighters and to Northrop T-38 Talon jet trainers. The US Air Forces' Colonel Peter Fesler -commander of the US 1st Fighter Wing that hosts the exercise- said that the maneuver will not only give the opportunity to share the capabilities of the aircraft, of pilots and maintaners between the three Countries, but will also help to build friendship and trust, improving the future ability to work together. Below, a video about the exercise:

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