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Planes and misteries. Amelia Earhart: a forgottent photo in US archives reopens the case - VIDEO

Washington, USA - Imaginative theory or evidences of the rescue by Japanese people?

In the same days of the celebration of eighty years after her disappearance, a new imaginative hypothesis is being debated by passionate fans worldwide, charmed by the allure of the famous American female aviator Amelia Earhart, who disappeared in July 1937 together with her Lockheed L-10 Electra airplane while she was trying together with her navigator Fred Noonan for the second time to circumnavigate the world following the longest route along the equator. The disapperance of Earhart and Noonan caused a massive mobilization for the time, and the failure of the research contributed to rise many hypothesis and to many pages that were written and fed the mystery on her end, which still survives. A photograph was found in American national archives that to careless eyes would only picture what seems to be a woman, from behind, on a pier in Marshall Islands, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: Amelia. In the picture also a man with Western traits would be recognizable and some believe he is Noonan. Someone else believe instead that the comparison of the pictured persons with the missing aviators is just a straining, and the "proof" is too weak to think that the great female aviator survived the accident in the waters of the Marshall Islands. And that she was rescued together with her companion by a Japanese ship, as many believes. The picture was found buried in a big folder of documents that in the past were classified, containing informations collected by the US Government on Japanese activities in the Pacific. To find it was Les Kinney, a former-officer of the American government who spent 15 years hunting for clues on the disappearance of Earhart, and that now believes that the photo clearly shows that she was took prisoner by Japanese people. Kinney was helped by Shawn Henry, a former-employee of FBI and "NBC News" analyst that had the picture being analyzed by the expert of facial identification Ken Gibson, who compared the two figures with other pictures of the aviator and of Noonan and said it is very probable that they are the same people. The photograph according to the caption was taken in the Jaluit atoll, that at the time was under the control of Japan. Moreover, looking at it in detail, next to the Japanese warship "Koshu" that appears in the picture there is another shape that remembers that of an airplane and that for its size is consistent with the Elettra, the aircraft of Earhart. Is it a too imaginative theory? It could be. But it adds fascination to fascination, and we like to think that such a free spirit, rare protagonist of the history of the twentieth-century explorations, a pioneer of aviation, wanted to continue her ventures in the silence of oblivion. Unbroken, to set other flights records... In the video below: found the picture, Earhart is back in the news...

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