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Airplanes and start-up: how to reuse demolished Airbuses

Graz, Austria - 100 tons of aluminium, titanium, copper and steel, destined to the metals market

A start-up in Graz that has an internet platform for the offer and sale of heaps of metal, purchased from Belgian Government in collaboration with a company in Bratislava two demolished Airbus airplanes. This one provided dismantling two aircraft at a demolish firm, and has sold heap to start-up, which for its part sells metals to the customers. The result of the removal of the two planes has been 100 tons of aluminium, titanium, copper and steel with a worth of EUR different millions. The young firm is the only on-line platform dedicated to the heap. In the last times the firm recorded greater and greater volumes of heaps, also from large projects. In general the metal suppliers are artisan enterprises and private people.

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