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Cyber-security: Japan and the United States will tighten information sharing

Washington, USA - In a joint statement the two Countries announced the topics of the bilateral dialogue that took place last week

In a bilateral meeting on cyber security Japan and the United States decided that they will continue their cooperation and increase information sharing on threats, on measures applied to strenghten the resilience of critical infrastructures and of "Internet of Things" (IoT) -the extension of the web to the world of real objects- with particular attention to distributed cyber attacks as botnets. The "Japan-US Cyber Dialogue" took place in Tokyo (Japan) on July 20 and 21, it is at its fifth edition and continues the cooperation in cyber security between the two Countries, an intention that was already announced by the President of the United States Donald Trump and by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the occasion of their meeting in February. Yesterday the US Department of State published a joint statement in which the main topics of the dialogue were reported. Among them there is the security in the preparations of the Olympic and Paralympic games that will take place in Tokyo in 2020 and the need to strengthen the stability of cyberspace at the international level through regulation and the capacities of individual Countries.
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