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Technical occurrences for two Qantas airplanes. Crews and passengers unhurt

Sydney, Australia - Two changes of direction to taking-off airport, for a failure to flaps and for collapse of a windshield

Two technical problems today that Qantas faced and reported. The first one occurred to a A-380 airplane while it was in flight from Sydney to Dallas forcing the captain to divert route to departing airport. The second interested a B-747/400 returned also this one on the taking off airport, Sydney, rather than to continue towards Johannesburg as planned, due to a problem to the windshield. The Australian carrier issued a note in which it explained: "The Qantas flight QF7 from Sydney to Dallas landed safely and without accidents at the Sydney international airport at 4:38 Aest. The airplane diverted the route due to a mechanical problem. The flaps on aircraft (on the wing) were not able to retreat, that is the airplane can't fly in an efficient manner. The flight to Dallas is the most longest on our network, the Captain decided to return back. The aircraft -an Airbus A-380- will be inspected by the experts". On the other case: "Also a second flight, the Qantas QF63 from Sydney to Johannesburg forced to return to Sydney due to the collpase on the windshield. This of an airplane is composed of three levels: external has collapsed not compromising the integrity of the plane, that in all safety would have to continue to Johannesburg. But the captain decided to diverted the route. The windshield will be replaced at the Sydney base by the Qantas' technicians. The airplane, a Boeing B-747/400 landed safely and without accidents". The operating team of the carrier are working to assist passengers or to offer them the return in the houses pending on that the reprotection organized with other aircraft.
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