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Trump chooses a representative who does not believe in climate changes as head of NASA

Washington, USA - The President of the United States desginated the Republican Bridenstine; the Senate shall confirm the decision

The Republican representative James "Jim" Bridenstine -42 years old- has been designated by the President of the United States Donald Trump as new future chief of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the agency which is responsible for the space program of the USA. The choice of Trump raised many doubts mostly in the scientific community: as media underlined Bridenstine would not have particular scientific expertise -it would be the first time in NASA's history- and might direct the activities of the space agency toward lunar exploration and commercial flights rather than research. In addition, Bridenstine has been in the past strongly against the Paris agreement on climate, denying the existence of climate changes and criticizing former-US President Barack Obama for the economic resources that were invested in research for environment. Anyway not all commentators criticize the appointment; some say that Bridenstine's different point of view could instead make a positive change for the agency. The choice of Trump shall be confirmed by the US Senate.
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