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Defense and security: Great Britain proposes strong collaboration with EU also after Brexit

London, United Kingdom - The British government releases a document with the guidelines to redefine the future partnership

The United Kingdom wants to continue working together with the European Union (EU) also after Brexit -its future exit from EU- building a "new, deep and special" partnership: in a document that was published today with the title "Foreign policy, defence and development, a future partnership paper" the British government repeated the common goal of a safe world and announced that the cooperation with the Countries of the European Union will continue not simply because there are common threats but also because of the shared values of peace, democracy, freedom and the rule of law. The document is proposed to be one of the guidelines to negotiate the exit from the EU and outlines various areas of a future partnership. About the shared foreign and security threats that need a common policy we report -among other things- the fast change of economic and military balances, terrorism, extremism and instability, the impact of cyber threats, migration. Furthermore the United Kingdom wants to continue to cooperate with EU with its military assets and aims to establish a privileged talk to decide shared positions in foreign policy and about sanctions. About the defense, security and space industries the government from London wants to ensure that the companies of the field may keep on working together to fulfill the needs of all the parties. Reaffirming the present British commitment, the Secretary of State for Defence of the UK Michael Fallon said that the Country is the only European State to respect the percentage goals compared to the gross national income that NATO and the United Nations ask in resources for defense and international development.
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