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Ciset Srl believes necessary to specify some points

Rome, Italy - With reference to the news appeared on the press in the last days

We receive by Ciset, and publish it, leaving the same opportunity to potential replies: "In connection with the news appeared on the press in the last days, Ciset Srl considers necessary to specify some points: 1) Vitrociest SpA is an Italian right company, whose shareholders are Ciset Srl and Leonardo SpA, also these Italian right industries. 2) Vitrociset SpA is an Italian tax-related subject, as well as Ciset Srl and Leonardo SpA are, and it has always fulfilled own fiscal duties resulting from regulations in force. 3) Vitrociset SpA gives job to 637 workers, 634 of them residents and fiscal taxpayers in Italy, 4) Vitrociset SpA provides services of high technological value to Italian and foreign customers, both public and private, contributing to development of exports by Italy in an always increasing measure. 5) As indicated continously, the subject that holds the final control of Vitrociset SpA is Camilla Crociani, resident abroad since 1976. 6) The information diffused recently create a falsified vision both of the activities carried out by Vitrociset SpA and by own role as employer, taxpayer, creator of turnover to export and producer of technological solutions of high value. 7) Ciset Srl evalutes if such information have created damages to Vitrociset SpA and to its stakeholders, considering any legal action to protect its interests and those of own stakeholder. CEO of Ciset Srl, Giacomo Cavallo".
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