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Ciset about events of these last days on Vitrociset

Rome, Italy - The company intends to specify some points

We receive by Ciset and publish it, leaving the same possibility to potential replies: "Following to the recent news diffused on the Italian press regarding a supposed transfer operation, in favor of Antonio Di Murro of the Vitrociset SpA control, Croci International II BV and Ciset Srl, categorically reaffirm that: none negotiation and/or agreement exists with Antonio Di Murro, of with companies to attributable to him, having as object the transfer, direct or indirect, of shares of Vitrociset and then a right to the latter to start, according to the Italian regulation on the Golden Power, any procedure and contact with the premiership having as object acquisition, direct or indirect, of any participation in the capital stock of Vitrociset SpA. The Premiership has been formally informed about above mentioned and these companies reverse the right to undertake in the appropriate offices any legal action to protect own interests and rights in order to obtain the compensation of the suffered and suffering damages. Ciset Srl, sole director Giacomo Cavallo".
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