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Airplanes and ventures: boarding in wingsuit remembering De Gayardon -VIDEO

Berne, Switzerland - Launched themselves from Jungfrau, two flier athletes have intercepted and approached an aircraft in flight

Vince Vesset and Fred Fugen, two flying sportsmen of the Soul Flyers team of Base Jumping, in the context of the "Door in the sky" project have performed a spectacular challenge whose images are around the world, with the help of the Red Bull as sponsor that has published the video on Youtube. Two launched themselves from the Jungfrau summit, that with its 4158 m above sea level is the third highest top of the Berne Alps, Switzerland. Wearing a wingsuit they have succeeded before to intercept as planned the flight of a Pilatus PC-6 airplane that was in cruise phase with opened door, then with incredible precision have coasted to its side and then towards the opening (of only 1,58x1,25m), and boarding airplane at a speed so close to 140 km/h. Then a twin venture that two have developed with a training in over 100 flight test on the skies above Empuriabrava, Catalogna, (Spain). A project realized in memory of that acrobatic parachuting champion that was Patrick de Gayardon, remembered besides for his records under the Sector brand, also as major developer of the wingsuit -that allows to glide during the free fall increasing the time of stay in flight-. And it was during a launch to test this innovative kind of suit, that the champion dead in the Hawaii skies: it was on April 13, 1998. To increase efficiency of the wingsuit in the attempt to climb up again on board of the airplane from which he launched, Patrick generated a change to the parachute cove that caused a malfunction during the main parachute opening and it made him get caught on to the harness preventing correct unhook. During fall he opened emergency parachute that screwed to that main preventing descent at a safety speed. The twenty year anniversary of his passing will be in April 2018. From his bright intuition that cost life, to this day, many skies have been dug allowing glides and acrobatic challenges in that moment only possible. And it was important that written after his death: "There are men who with their ideas have changed our way to live. Others, that one to dream...". Vesset and Fugen reminded it today in the video below:
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