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Primoco UAV finishes 2017 with sales of unmanned airplanes in Russia and Malaysia -VIDEO

Prague, Czech Republic - Important results reached this year by the Czech company

Czech company Primoco UAV SE, which develops, manufactures and sells the unmanned aircraft Primoco UAV One 100/150 soared to a sky high finish in 2017. In 2017, the company received certification from the Civil Aviation Authority for the unmanned aircraft - Primoco UAV model One 100 and subsequently as a provider of aerial services. It signed a partnership with the Czech Aviation Training Center for the professional training of pilots for unmanned aircraft. This cooperation far exceeds the basic training under existing regulations and further tightens safety and regulatory requirements for unmanned aircraft. Primoco UAV successfully completed a record-breaking 9:01 hour flight with its One 100 model. In less than 12 months, the company developed its own Primoco Engine 500, which combines superior performance (50 HP), reliability and a long service life (TBO 500 hours) while maintaining compact dimensions and low weight (25kg). Its aircraft can now be equipped with Riegl's world-beating 3D scanner LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). Primoco UAV will start offering services worldwide in 2018 to map the infrastructure of electricity networks and pipelines, the layout of railroad tracks, construction and safety reviews, surface mine structures for topographic mapping and volumetrics, alongside many other new areas. The company finalised its implementation of satellite communication between the crew and the airplane. The Primoco UAV is the first civilian unmanned aircraft in the world to use the Inmarsat satellite platform and break the standard radio range barrier of 200 km. As of today, the company has produced 39 Primoco UAV model One 100 unmanned aircraft. Below, the video about the New Official Presentation 2018:
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