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Drone aircraft seized from an Israeli tourist for violating the airspace over Rome

Rome, Italy - It had flown over Piazza Navona, the operator ignored the existence of the no-fly zone

A drone aircraft was seized yesterday by Local Police in Rome (Italy) from an Israeli tourist who together with a fellow countryman was recording aerial images of the historical center of the town. The aircraft was seen flying over Piazza Navona and led the officers to the two men, who would have ignored the Italian laws that for security reasons regulate flights in the skies of the town and the related bans, among which there are those over the city center and over the Vatican. As it already happened on previous occasions to other tourists (see AVIONEWS) after the inevitable investigation they were charged. According to article 1102 of the Italian Navigation Code -outside the cases provided in article 260 of the Italian penal code, regarding the illegal entering in military sites and the unjustified possession of spying equipment- who infringes the no-fly zone is punished with imprisonment up to two years and with a fine up to 516 euros.
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