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Airplanes and time zones: how to celebrate New Year's Eve twice

Auckland, New Zealand - For a mathematical point of time differences, the aircraft takes in 2018 and lands a day before, in 2017

It seems that it happened to the passengers of an Hawaiian Airlines' airplane that thanks to a small delay in aircraft departure have celebrated twice the New Year's Eve. The plane would had to take off at 11:55pm of last December 31 from Auckland, New Zealand, towards Honolulu, Hawaii. Due to a chance it has taken off ten minutes later and that is at midnight and five minutes, then shortly after the beginning of 2018. Obviously local hour in Auckland. But for a mathematical point of time differrences, compared to the 180th meridian towards West there is a new day, to East there is a day before. And that if in New Zealand it was just a new day, the first one in 2018, in Honolulu it was just begun December 31. Then airplane, took off from Auckland at midnight and five minutes, has landed in Hawaii at 10:15am of the last day in 2017. With large advance on the celebrations of the year-end.
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