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A drone for those who love war? - VIDEO

And if it were true?

Tiny drones with an explosive charge capable of hitting and killing a human target on their own: this is the disturbing scenario hypothesized in a video published by to promote a campaign for an international ban on autonomous weapons of destruction, the so-called "killer robots" able to recognize and eliminate a target without the direct involvement of a human operator.

According to the authors of the video, time is running short to prevent the use of these technologies which are currently being studied in many Countries and by which the border beyond which the machines will decide who and how to kill, limiting the direct human responsibility, will be crossed soon. The theme is highly topical and the scenario imagined by the video - which has exceeded two million views since it was published in November - is plausible.

The progressive miniaturization of drones thanks to increasingly efficient processors capable of managing complex processes and performing face recognition, the study of "swarm-like" systems in which a number of devices fly adapting themselves as a single body to the changing needs of the theater of operations, are already a reality.

In short, the destructive technology is there and it seems that day after day it may be more and more within the reach not only of States and police forces but also of criminals; it is therefore necessary that international policy makers hasten to dictate precise and shared rules - as it happened in the past for other weapon systems - for a segment which is developing at a speed previously unknown in the field of defense.

Below, the video:

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