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Qantas airplane flies from Australia to the US with biofuels

Derived from the seeds of a plant. The carrier will start its industrial production

Qantas focuses on the environment and makes the first intercontinental flight over the Pacific Ocean with an aircraft powered by biofuel: a B-787/9 of the airline took off yesterday from Los Angeles (USA) with 24,000 kg of biofuels developed by the Canadian company Agrisoma Biosciences and obtained from the processing of a non-food type of mustard seed, the "Brassica Carinata": after a 15-hour crossing the QF96 flight landed in Melbourne (Australia) today at 10:20 am (local time).

According to what the carrier said the choice to blend the biofuel by ten percent made possible to reduce carbon emissions on this route by 7%, a reduction that would have been 80% if the fuel had not been mixed. Qantas International CEO Alison Webster talks about a "new era" for transport. The Australian airline has been experimenting with ecological fuels for several years: in 2012 the first test flights were conducted on the Sydney-Adelaide and Melbourne-Hobart national routes. In recent months the company announced a partnership with Agrisoma and local farmers to launch an industrial production of biofuels derived from the seeds of Carinata in the Country.

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