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Alan Bean died. He was the fourth man who walked on the Moon

The astronaut was 86 years old

Alan Bean , the fourth man to walk on the lunar ground, died on Saturday May 26th at the age of 86. The United States Navy ex-pilot had touched the lunar ground in November 1969 as part of the Apollo 12 mission that completed the second lunar landing of history. The astronaut's family members announced Bean's death in a statement released by NASA. According to information from the American space agency, the man died of sudden illness after falling ill two weeks ago while traveling to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hospitalized at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, the 86-year-old man died while he was surrounded by the affection of his family.

Fourth man to step on the lunar ground after Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Pete Conrad , Alan Bean had spent 31 hours on the moon, completing experiments and taking samples. Bean had decided to give up his astronaut career in 1981 to full-time devote himself to drawing and painting. Many paintings by the artist are inspired by the Moon and space.

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