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Today the 2016 NF23 asteroid will pass close to the Earth

It is bigger than the pyramid of Cheops, but it will remain at a safe distance

The asteroid 2016 NF23 is bigger than the pyramid of Cheops, which will pass near to the Earth today. NASA has classified it since its discovery as "potentially dangerous", but its trajectory does not cause any fear because it will remain at about 5 million kilometers away passing at the supersonic speed of 9.04 kilometers per second.

In recent years, the US space agency has increased its studies on celestial bodies that are more than 140 meters long with an orbit close to the earthly one, since these could be a plausible threat to life on our planet. 90% of those longer than one kilometer have already been identified and are constantly monitored, while the study continues to identify the smaller ones and thus create a complete map of the asteroids NEO (Near-Earth Object) and prevent any possible collision with the Land.

M/A - 1213799

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