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MH390 Malaysia: identified the aircraft in the jungle of Cambodia?

On Google Maps found a wreck that would be compatible with the B-777

The place where the wreck of the Boeing B-777/200 plane of the MH370 flight of Malaysia Airlines disappeared from the radar on March 8, 2014 is one of the greatest mysteries of civil aviation, but a British technology expert may have found it. Ian Wilson has shown through the "Daily Star" the exact point where he believes the aircraft is located, or in a jungle in Cambodia located at high altitude. To find it he relied on the research carried out on Google Maps where he identified what would appear to be the wreck of an airplane.

To validate his hypothesis Wilson has made a measurement discovering that the fuselage is about 70 meters long, or about 6 meters more than the measures of the B-777, but in the images it seems that there is a space between the tail and the central body of the aircraft that could be created at the time of impact with the ground.

To try to put an end to the mystery of that flight, Wilson would be thinking of organizing an expedition to the place. If it was indeed that plane would finally be possible to shed light on the causes that led to the death of the 239 people on board the connection between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, completely overturning the hypotheses that determined the crash site of the Southern Indian Ocean.

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