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Aircraft. Will the precision landing system be a revolution?

Almost unlimited possibilities for the Jpals

Can a landing system be considered a "game changer"? Apparently, since Raytheon has repeatedly come up with statements in this sense about the precision approach and landing system (JPALS, Joint Precision Approach and Landings System), which would already be allowing to revolutionize the F-35B aircraft on the mariner body carriers; the next step would be to make it available also for the "A" version of the fifth generation aircraft, allowing it to land even in adverse weather conditions or on airports with few infrastructures. The demonstration of the Jpals system will be carried out in the Luke and Hill air bases, thus allowing the US Air Force (USAF) to evaluate its capabilities and its reliability -close to 99.9%.

The revolution would be in the reliability of the system, because it could allow the US armed forces that use F-35 aircraft -indeed marines, navies and aeronautics- to land in any part of the world without difficulty, even where there are no airport runways -such as on a road or on clay. The ground components can also be installed in 90 minutes, allowing the landing to a maximum of 50 aircraft in flight within a radius of 20 nautical miles following different approaches, depending on the type of terrain and the weather conditions present. An instrument that affects so much the Usaf -which according to the US press- would have required to develop it also for the other aircraft of the fleet, from the fighter to the heavy transport aircraft.

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