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USA: in the budget for defense funds also for the anti-drone gun

It will be purchased 70 guns

In the 2019 defense budget from the US Congress there are also 3.2 billion dollars that will be used for the purchase of 70 antidrone gun -DroneGun Tactical-, necessary to allow the US Army to "shoot down" UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles) in all areas where they are deployed and especially in the Middle East. The operation of these weapons is quite simple, since they are none other than high frequency radio frequency emitters -between 433 and 915 MHz- or at very high frequencies -between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz- allowing to inhibit communication between the drone in flight and the pilot from remote, managing to comply with this task at distances equal to about 1 km from the target. A countermeasure on which all States are working to try to combat the use of drones for war purposes and to hit or spy on the positions of their armed forces; studies that are still ongoing and will continue for many years, since the current antidron weapons used can inhibit the video transmission and reception of signals only for small UAVs. Fundamental aids, however, for the security of the armed forces and citizens, since they are already used in cities and theaters to intercept the drones in flight, through which it would be possible to carry small potentially dangerous devices.

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