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China: excellent results in the test of the AV-500 unmanned helicopter

Used for the first time in an operational exercise

The Chinese AV-500 unmanned helicopter performed a first combat exercise doing -according to the local press- without any problems the tasks assigned, namely penetrate the opposing defenses at medium and low altitude. The AV-500 would have an excellent ability to withstand the force of the wind that allows it to fly in stable and precise trim in almost all weather conditions, so much so that during the maneuver at the navigation altitude the wind speed was 80 km/h (almost 43 knots). Despite the fact that what should become the rival of the US MQ-8 "Fire Scout" is a light helicopter, weighing at most 500 kg taking off and carrying a payload of 190 kg, remaining in flight for up to nine hours in a radius from the control center of 200 km. It will also be armed with anti-tank missiles and small bombs, thus allowing unmanned small vehicle to hit aircraft or land-based structures.

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