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USA: first B-777 aircraft ever made in a museum

The aircraft was used for 18 years by Cathay Pacific

The Boeing B-777 despite its 24 years is still one of the most sold and used aircraft in the world, but at the same time is becoming a historical piece so much so that the first aircraft that came out of the production line was sold at main aerospace museum in Arizona. The B-777/200 -with B-HNL brands- came out of the factories in 1994 as a prototype and entered the fleet of Cathay Pacific of Hong King in 2000 has accumulated 20,519 connections for the airline, remaining in flight for almost 50 thousand hours. The exit from the service took place in May 2018 and both the aerospace company and the airline decided to donate it to the "Pima Air & Space Museum".

Meanwhile, Boeing is about to introduce into production the new generation of the iconic wide-body twin-engine, that is the B-777X series that intends to "retire" the B-747 and the A-380, significantly reducing the costs per hour of flight and emissions thanks to both the engines and the aerodynamic solutions studied on the project. In the museum in Arizona, the first B-777 will embellish a collection that already has 300 airplanes.

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