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Lion Air incident: family members of the victims in the plaza demand justice

Pressures to get research resumed as soon as possible

In these days in Indonesia there could be a protest demonstration by the family of the 189 people who died as a result of the plane crash of the Boeing B-737 MAX 8 by Lion Air on October 29th. A rally to ask the government and the investigators to resume the search for the wreck and the second black box (the Cabin Voice Recorder) and to carry out the investigation in a rapid manner, so as to allow those who made a mistake causing the disaster to be judged from a court. Furthermore, the other hope is that the bodies or remains of all the people on board are recovered, so as to allow the families to bury them properly.

Probably next week will resume research at sea after Lion Air has decided to pay a ship specialized in recoveries of submarine wrecks, in what is considered a rarity in aeronautics since it is normally the government to finance these operations. Problems of bureaucracy and lack of funds led the investigative pool to ask the airline to intervene in order to locate as soon as possible the cabin recorder, keystone for the investigation because it will let you know how the pilots behaved in the last minutes of flight plane.

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