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Putin: "The world underestimates the risk of nuclear war"

Statement by the Russian president during the traditional press conference

At the end of the year's press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled how "the world is underestimating the danger of nuclear war", which could be near because of the likely collapse of the deterrent system in the global arms race; increasing this risk is "the US decision to exit the INF Treaty (against the development of intermediate-range ballistic missiles) that is not justified since -Putin said- Russia is producing arms to maintain the strategic balance, given that Washington wants to send missiles to Europe and Japan, where the defense shield is a cover for the offensive apparatus".

In his speech in front of 1702 Russian and foreign journalists, as well as the millions of television and radio viewers, Putin also warned Europe by reiterating that "if the missiles arrive, the West does not squeak if we react". A comparison with the verse of mice that probably will discuss much in European countries and the United States, especially for the negative charge given to the words of the Russian President who specified how "the idea of using low power nuclear weapons could lead to a war that would cause the end of our civilization and probably of the planet".

Putin has obviously also touched on the issue related to the war in Syria and the decision taken by US President Donald Trump to withdraw the troops, saying that "he is right and good, because we are walking the path of a political solution and the presence of US military forces are not necessary".

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