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France: wreck found of the Mirage 2000D aircraft crashed yesterday

It is not clear if the pilots have ejected -VIDEO

The Dassault Mirage 2000D aircraft that crashed in France yesterday morning was in a routine training in low-altitude instrumental flight in the mountainous areas of southeastern France, where, due to the fact that it has been ascertained, the multirole fighter has crashed to the ground. The debris of the Mirage 2000D have been identified and are spread over an area of several hundred square meters, but what is still missing are the traces of the two experienced pilots who were on board, and the French police are patrolling the whole area both from land from the sky (by helicopters) in order to locate the two crewmembers. It is not certain that they survived, however, because the survival radios of the pilot and the navigator would not have been activated.

Below, the video at the crash site:

M/A - 1217693

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