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Aviation and space: anniversaries for 2019

Different events will be celebrated this year

Circumnavigating the globe, crossing continents, setting foot on the moon… There are many significant aviation and space achievements to celebrate in 2019, with the help of records held by FAI, the World Air Sports Federation.

From the earliest days of human flight to the most recent extreme air sports records, all the anniversaries being marked by the Federation in 2019 have one thing in common: they represent the innovation, skill and courage of air sports amateurs and professionals throughout modern history.

Having ratified over 18,000 air sports records since its foundation in 1905, FAI is the world governing body for air sports activities and the global authority on the many thousands of space and aviation achievements that have changed the course of history.

The list of records and achievements in aviation and space flight that the FAI plans to mark during 2019 includes:

50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landings

The first airplane flight across the English Channel in 1901 by France’s Louis Bleriot

Piccard and Jones' first non-stop round-the-world balloon flight in 1999

First woman to set an aviation record: Maryse Bastié in 1929.

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