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UK: the research of the plane on which Sala was traveling continues

They could have used the emergency raft

The Guernsey police and the UK Coastguard have resumed -this morning- the research for the Piper PA-46 Malibu aircraft that disappeared on Sunday evening during a flight between Nantes and Cardiff, with on board the striker Emiliano Sala. 3 maritime patrol aircraft, a helicopter and many boats plumbs the Channel area where the last radar signal was detected, but -according to what was written on "Twitter" by the Police- it has not been detected yet a scrap that can be traced back to the disappeared Piper. In order to detect the wreck the police are also using satellite images and cell phone data to locate their last position, also because it is certain that Sala sent a message to his father and some friends explaining the situation of the plane and "prophesied" a possible accident.

But the hope of finding alive the footballer and the two crewmembers of the Piper is still alive, especially because among the options being examined by the rescuers is the fact that they could be killed and have used the life raft on board plane. A track considered a priority, so much so that research is focusing more on the whole area, especially on the smaller islands of the English Channel. A small and feeble hope that will remain lit until a Piper PA-46 wreck has been found.

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