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Russia: Okhotnik combat drone unveiled

Photographs taken of "hidden" would reveal the shape

Some photographs of what should be the new Russian drone were released on "Twitter". Pics that would have been "stolen" at Novosibirsk airport in Siberia, where last November the UAV was tested on the ground to assess the effective ability to reach the speed needed for take-off. If the photographs were confirmed, the Okhotnik would have a similar shape to the prototype of the US drone Northrop Grumman X-47B and would be powered by a motor with afterburner identical to that of the fifth generation Sukhoi Su-57.

During the first half of 2019 the Russian combat drone should make its first flight, so as to allow an assessment of the capabilities and improvements to be made to the Okhotnik which is under development since 2012. The entry into service would be expected for 2020, as long as the program is actually truthful, partly because it has been repeatedly stated by US analysts that the whole project is actually a hoax, lacking both Russia's skills and economic and financial resources to be able to develop a drone with these capabilities.

Photo gallery The russian drone Okhotnik The russian drone Okhotnik
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