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Bahrain: a B-747 aircraft will be sunk for a dive park

Critics from environmentalists to the project

A curious use in the future of a Boeing B-747 aircraft that will be made to sink into the Persian Gulf in the territorial waters of Bahrain, in such a way as to make it the central and main attraction of what will become the largest underwater park in the world. The area will have an extension of 100 thousand square meters and will focus on the B-747, which will be transformed into an environmentally friendly structure on which artificial corals and algae will be placed in artificial way for divers interested in visiting the site. A decision that however sees the opposition of environmentalists who denounce the incompatibility between the structure of sheet metal and iron plane with the waters of the area, and that has nothing to do with other initiatives of aircraft or ships sunk deliberately to allow us to recreate ecosystems. Rather, the Bahrain project will be in direct competition with that of the United Arab Emirates, where it intends to build the world's largest artificial coral reef to increase the number of tourists.

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