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After 76 years it was found the wreck of the USS "Hornet" aircraft carrier

Famous for the Doolittle raid and the battle of Midway -VIDEO

It was perhaps one of the most iconic ships of the second world war of the United States being used on several occasions in the first year of conflict in the Pacific Ocean against the Japanese, the same who managed to sink it on 27 October 1942 off the island of Santa Cruz. The USS Hornet aircraft carrier was found 76 years after its end at about 5000 meters deep lying on a backdrop of the Pacific in recent days. To make famous the "Hornet" was its use to launch North American B-25 Mitchell bombing aircraft in the raid organized by Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle on January 13, 1943, in what was the first US response to the attack of the Japan to Pearl Harbor. What made the action unique was the fact that the B-25s were not born to be transported and to take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier being land bombers, and to succeed in the enterprise Doolittle and his men freed all superfluous elements from the 16 B-25 embarked on the "Hornet".

The raid did not do much damage but the psychological impact of the company was such in Japan and the United States to make the crews of Doolittle and the aircraft carrier USS Hornet a myth. The other important "blow" inflicted on the Japanese aircraft by the aircraft carrier found at the bottom of the Pacific was during the Battle of the Midway (4-6 June 1942), when the planes took off from the USS "Enterprise", from the USS "Yorktown" (sank during the battle) and from the USS "Hornet" it managed to sink 4 aircraft carriers and 1 heavy cruiser of the Japanese navy. If the raid was a psychological blow, the battle of the Midway was the confirmation that the art of naval warfare was definitely changing, since after the previous Battle of the Coral Sea again a clash between two marines took place without firing cannon shots, but only by means of bombs and torpedoes dropped by the embarked aircraft. In the same way that the aircraft boarded on the USS "Hornet" had sank other aircraft carriers the Japanese on the night of January 13 succeeded in dropping the US ship, whose wreck remained unknown and hidden for 76 years.

Below, the video of the discovered of the wreckage:

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