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Venezuela: closed airspace at the borders

Interdiction applies to the Dutch islands, Brazil and Colombia

In addition with the closure of the land border and banned the airspace with Brazil and Colombia, the Government of Venezuela has decided to close the maritime and air border with the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A decision taken by Caracas driven by President Nicolás Maduro in the political struggle with the president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó (proclaimed as president ad interim), is above all a measure that will serve to "protect national sovereignty in the face of potential incursions not authorized". This is because the United States, but also the Netherlands, Brazil and Colombia, have given the willingness to send humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela, starved by hyperinflation and the lack of availability of basic necessities, sending airplanes soldiers and trucks loaded with medicines and foodstuffs in areas near the Venezuelan border; but for Maduro these "aid" would also hide weapons and men who would have the purpose of overthrowing his government to establish Guaidó.

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