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France: day of strikes also for air traffic controllers

Expected delays and -perhaps- cancellations

New day of demonstrations and protests in France where several unions have declared a general strike of private and public employees. The sector mainly affected will be education, but also air transport, because 20-30% of air traffic controllers are expected to abstain from work, which will cause many delays at airports for take-off and landing aircraft. On the other hand, the circulation of metros and trains will be normal, while there may be some difficulties for buses. The goal is to make one's voice heard by asking for an increase in salaries to be able to adjust them to the cost of living and a lower governmental propensity to enact laws favoring the private sector. Meanwhile, Paris police chief Michel Delpuech was removed from office and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that the government will ban all demonstrations of "Yellow vests" in central areas of the French capital.

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